Perhaps a vow is at the root of your romantic woes. Some people have a difficult time getting real with God. I m confident that He wants to do the same for you. So get it over with at that moment instead of dragging it out and causing even more heartache for the other. If God is showing you that you ve made an unhealthy vow after romantic heartbreak, the first step to overcome it is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the lies you ve believed that led you to make the vow. Like this young waitress, I didn t think that I could handle another heartbreak, so I made a vow for self-protection. In order to recover from heartbreak and overcome any vows you have made, vulnerability with God is always necessary.

They are not honest with themselves or the significant other. And hopefully in the end the cheater will become the one cheated on. After speaking with this young woman, I remembered that my story is not so different. When you think of vows, what comes to mind. Broken down into an equation, the recipe for a vow is: Disappointment and a broken heart + deception=a vow. Posted: 9/10/2005 12:46:41 PM i worked at a resturaunt this past summer as a waitress and I was in a conversation about cheating with guys and a couple girls. Vows are ways we try to protect ourselves and make up for what we believe God won t do for us My good friend, Kathleen, lived a portion of her young life on the street and in foster families.

People are the same wherever you go, don t think the grass is greener anywhere, it s counter productive dating life faithful. In fact, some can sabotage romantic love and hinder singles from making it the wedding altar. And, if He doesn t care about our personal lives, then we ll just have to take care of ourselves by making a vow, right..
. A cheater wants something easy so he can cheat. The differences are the actions these men make. ..


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